The All In One Loan (AIO) is a first lien, 30-year draw, home equity line of credit (HELOC) with an integrated sweep-checking account. Similar to programs available throughout Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, borrowers engage their mortgage debt and home equity through their regular banking activity in an effort to take greater control of their total interest expense and payoff timing. It comes with the added benefit of accessing money typically locked-up in a traditional mortgage which helps customers more flexibly maneuver with planned and unplanned financial needs. The sweep-checking account is FDIC insured and is a demand deposit processing account (DDA). Borrowers are issued ATM-VISA POS cards, bill-pay, checks, domestic and international ACH and wire transfers, direct payroll and mobile deposit features in order to manage their regular expenses from their All In One Loan account. The HELOC serves as overdraft for spending and any deposits sweep nightly reducing the outstanding balance. Interest computes throughout each new month based on the average daily unpaid balance. Total cumulative daily interest drafts from the HELOC automatically on the 21st of each new month.